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Ace NortonAce Norton

Oh, Ace Norton; this Californian native is no stranger to the music video world. His love for blending music and storytelling has garnered him a reputation for crafting visually entrancing and edgy productions. Having worked with influential artists from Death Cab for Cutie to Florence and The Machine, Norton’s videos are a smorgasbord of eccentric charm and enigmatic narratives. Notably, his directorial prowess in She and Him’s “Thieves” and the eclectic, dynamically choreographed video for Foster the People’s "Houdini" showcased his ability to translate music into exuberant, story-rich visuals.

As a multi-award nominated director, his unique take on music videos has had quite an impact in the industry. He has been described as a director with unconventional vision and heralded for his ability to wrap dark humour and whimsical peculiarity into enticingly watchable videos. But a lesser-known fact about Norton is his knack for incorporating children in his surreal directorial universe. Remember the relatable school scenario in Sea Wolf’s "You're a Wolf", and the strangely charming group of kids in Scandinavian band, The Little Hands of Asphalt’s "Oslo" music video? Well, that's vintage Norton for you. Always get ready for an unexpected visual treat when his name's on the director’s chair.

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