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Aasne Vaa GreibrokkAasne Vaa Greibrokk

Aasne Vaa Greibrokk has always approached his music videos with an artist's visionary mindset, exhibiting more than just a clip but rather a visual narrative excellently knitted to the rhythm. From his work on Kings of Convenience's "Misread," where he cleverly juxtaposed an engaging story of relationship dynamics with a whimsical performance within the confines of a library, his style is unmistakably idiosyncratic. Known for his intriguing use of domestic settings, everyday characters, and situations, his work has always reflected his ability to find beauty in simplicity, further accentuating the essence of the songs he works on.

An interesting aspect of Greibrokk's music video technique is his apparent knack for using natural lighting. His work, such as Kings of Convenience's "I'd Rather Dance With you," has seen him transform everyday spaces into stages set against a soft, golden glow that gives a nostalgic touch. Some say he traveled throughout Norway with a foldable golden window pane to comedically ensure that he's always got the right light for his shoots. Greibrokk's direction has left a significant mark on the music video industry, not just for his unconventional approach to storytelling but also for his understated ability to amplify song meanings through his visual narratives.

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