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A Nice Idea StudioA Nice Idea Studio

A Nice Idea Everyday, known for their unique name and even more unique style, is a dynamic duo creatively influencing the world of music videos. Falling under the directorship of Vivien Weyrauch and Fabian Röttger, they have carved out a significant aesthetic space within an industry that often lacks originality. Their approach is characterised by sheer inventiveness, expressing an unusual yet captivating view of the world through their distinctive visual style. The art of storytelling is always at the core, encouraging audiences to delve into narratives that are anything but commonplace.

Interestingly, one of their most intriguing projects includes the music video for the song, 'Boys & Girls' by the Swiss artist Adrian Sieber. Known for its vividly ethereal graphics, the video leaves one’s mind to roam free in a ‘heightened reality’ space. The video for Abby's 'Streets' is another illustration of their striking blend of raw emotions and surreal elements. They weave together a dystopian urban landscape and romantic despair so seamlessly, arguably challenging the normative way of representing heartbreak in popular music videos. While most are known for their external manifestations, these videos scream a quiet rebellion, making an indelible mark on their audience.

In a bizarre, yet innovative move, they resorted to an iPhone to shoot the video for 'Hamburg Rain' by LOT. Despite such restrictions, they managed to turn it into one of their standout pieces, interspersing intimate portraits and cinematic scenes of Hamburg city. With every project, A Nice Idea Everyday showcases their unwavering commitment to the rule of 'show and never tell', thus making their body of work a visual treat for viewers and an unparalleled exploration of the music video space.

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